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Daniel Samuels

1917 - 1988

As a young man, Daniel Samuels was an apprentice artist in a commercial art studio, working in the worlds of theatre, cinema and general advertising. He later became art director at a leading lithographic printers in London. He benefited from the friendship of some notable figures in the London art world, including Walter Richard Sickert. In 1969 he left commercial art behind to concentrate on his own work - a painterly interpretation of the classical mythologies. Daniel had been interested in the classical period since his early years, and was further inspired by a chance meeting at the British Museum with the adventurer and classical Greek scholar, Lawrence of Arabia. Daniel Samuels' first one man exhibition was in London in 1970, and a number of exhibitions followed in the UK and USA, featuring the extraordinary and detailed works of his unique visions of classical heroes and gods. A number of his paintings have been reproduced as fine art prints.

Erichthonius, Child Hero Of Attica

Daniel Samuels: Erichthonius, Child Hero of Attica

Artist Daniel Samuels FRS (1917 - 1988)
Title Erichthonius, Child Hero of Attica
Medium Print. Lithograph.
Size 27 x 20 inches. 69 x 51 cm.
Price Price on application.

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