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We Do Not Undertake Valuations

Unfortunately we do not undertake valuations or appraisals, so are unable to value your painting, print, sculpture or any other artwork.

This is mainly due to the large number of requests we have received over the years via the internet for free valuations, and because an accurate valuation can only be provided on sight of an artwork, which makes it possible to correctly identify and assess the item, its condition, quality, and other important factors.

Furthermore, in the case of valuation requests from outside Great Britain, we have little or no knowledge of values in overseas markets, so would be unable to provide an accurate valuation in response to these requests anyway.

If you do require a valuation, you could approach a good local auction house, or any art dealer who offers valuations for their advice, or search the internet for one of the online art valuation/art appraisal services that now operate on the Net.

Hopefully this information has been of some assistance to you.

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